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Give yourself what you deserve and need! 
Your body is achy, your muscles sore, your posture poor, and your life out of balance.  Don't let it get worse! 
Start to pay attention to your body by letting a skilled professional help you to simply relax and feel the bliss of your own aliveness and the good feelings that can be experienced so easily.

Massaging assists the body in many ways.
It helps to increase its natural ability to heal. 
It  boosts the immune system. 
Recovery time for strained muscles can often be cut in half 
Bodywork soothes nerves and tired muscles. 
It calms the body and helps relax the mind. 
Less stress leads to an improved quality of life. 
Less stress means more energy. 
More energy frees you up to enjoy life more.  

This type of massage is meant as a natural healing technique for stressed bodies and can do wonders for tense, sore muscles. Stress relief massage can also help improve vitality and your state of mind. The treatment itself will last for 45 minutes and will cover the Back, Neck and Shoulders as well as head, hand and arm.
AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE - from £25.00 Book Now
Aromatherapy massage eases stress, relieves muscular tension, encourages circulation and helps the body to eliminate toxins. This treatment is used for  pain relief, skin care, releasing tension and fatigue and invigorating the entire body. Essential oils can affect the mood, alleviate fatigue, reduce anxiety and promote relaxation and when inhaled, they work on the brain and nervous system
SWEDISH MASSAGE - from £20.00 Book Now
Swedish massage uses softer strokes on the bonier and more delicate parts of the body, and stronger strokes where there is thicker muscle coverage. This sensitivity to pressure makes it ideal for relaxation. and is designed to improve your circulation and soothe your muscles.